I've always considered myself a visually creative person. Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated with beauty and aesthetics. When I look at the world, my eyes take in what I see and my brain automatically breaks things down into form and color, paying particular attention to the interplay of light and dark. 


My favorite two things that I love to photograph are landscapes and people. I take great pleasure in capturing breath-taking scenes involving the various forms nature. I enjoy unobtrusively freezing moments in time, especially of candid moments that people share with one another, whether its during a tender moment between two people that are about to embark on lifetime together, or the power of unity of a group of strangers marching in the streets in the name of justice and equality.


I first became interested in photography while taking a black & white film photography class while in college. At the time I was pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Design from UC Davis. Fifteen years later I am a passionate about photography, about acquiring beautiful images whether if they are still photos or moving video.


In my opinion one of the goals when shooting good photos is to tell a story. A natural evolution of that interest is that of video. About 12 years ago I got my first Digital 8 Camcorder and a consumer video editing program and made my first documentary promotional video for a nonprofit that I was long time volunteer for. Since then I've been into video as much as photos. Not only do I love capturing video, I am also a fairly decent editor, able to take tons of video footage and narrow it down to its essence. 


Being a photographer, videographer, or a multimediagrapher, one must also being technically capable. Before getting into design, photography, and videography, I was going to be a computer programmer in a previous lifetime. Fortunately I found out early that I rather strong dislike for math and debugging code, but was able to develop and cultivate my technical skills. Nowadays, I've channeled that technical ability into the intricacies of digital SLR's, post production of still images as well as video editing, and mastery of just about all the hardware of most of the software made by Apple and Adobe.